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Pros and cons of CCTV surveillance cameras

CCTV cameras are successfully used in residential and commercial premises. One of the main objections that stop consumers from buying an analog device has to do with the mandatory use of a DVR. Only if it is available, a video surveillance camera is able to solve basic problems of organizing security at the facility.

Another weak point of analog cameras in comparison with IP-models is the lack of digital zoom, built-in motion detection, automatic lens focusing on faces and other important details of the frame. But this problem can be solved by a competent choice of a place for mounting a video camera and software, if the device works on the basis of the AHD platform.

The advantages of Pasang CCTV surveillance cameras perfectly cover the disadvantages, and their capabilities are enough to solve all the basic tasks of most users. Using analog devices, you can modify an outdated video monitoring system with minimal financial and time costs. CCTV video surveillance cameras are the only way to organize stable high-quality video transmission over a distance of 500 meters. And when installing amplifiers and using a specific cable, you can organize data transfer over a fault-tolerant line with a length of up to 1500 meters.

Thus, when choosing a CCTV or IP video surveillance camera, the following data should be analyzed:

  • the maximum required length of the cable line;
  • the presence of external sources of interference and other features of the territory that may negatively affect the quality of the signal;
  • list of basic tasks;
  • a list of additional options, the presence of which is highly desirable;
  • requirements for the degree of image detail;
  • the presence of a cable line.

If you are not sure which CCTV cameras will help to solve the tasks, contact the specialist of the online store Domofonov.net for help. He will help you make the right choice, take into account individual wishes and the allocated budget. In the Domofonov.net catalog you will find everything you need to organize a home and professional video surveillance system. For a free consultation, leave a request on the site.

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