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How to choose a movie to watch

During the week, situations arise when you need to find an interesting film in order to while away the evening with an exciting viewing.

To do this, you can visit the most popular torrents, search on IMDB or on the popular Multiplex21 or likefilmdb.ru. There are several proven ways to find a really good, quality movie.

If you believe the research, statistics of the American Association of Film Companies, then every year at least seven thousand feature films of various genres are shot: comedy, horror, action films, science fiction, thrillers and mysticism, erotica, cartoons. The largest and most successful supplier of good films is Netflix, which has about thirty-six thousand films in its collection. This is enough to watch films for seven years. Despite such a collection, it can be difficult to find a decent, catchy, interesting film.

With proven, reliable search tools, you can easily find the right movie for your evening viewing:

A random picture on the specialized site «Kinopoisk». At the bottom of the page, on the right, there is a panel with a window for random movies. If you click on the «Another random movie» button, you can go to the page for selecting parameters — genre, country, and also the year of release. A unique, automated algorithm will independently select and suggest all films that meet the specified criteria. For films with a rating of more than seven points, they will be highlighted in green.
Advanced search on the Kinopoisk website. This page has a huge number of fields that allow you to find a suitable creation of cinema. Advanced search allows you to sort films by text, studio, genre, country, keywords. A similar tool is suitable for advanced users.
Top distribution on the popular torrent tracker. To find a movie for the evening, just visit any torrent, view the number of downloads. Most often, in the first rows there are paintings that have come out quite recently, and it is these that many want to see. Regardless, with fine artwork such as The Avengers, there may be a hideous San Anreas Rift. These pages have many fields that allow you to search for movies. You can choose by text and keys, genres, years of release.
Itcher. Having visited this service, you need to evaluate some of the films offered in the list so that the program can select and compile the most suitable list of films, taking into account your tastes. It is possible to filter offers by release year, genre, you can find out more information about actors and interesting facts, watch reviews and trailers. In addition to films, on such a site you can select books, games, and even music.
Top 250 IMDB. This site is familiar to every advanced Internet user. The rating includes two hundred and fifty films, taking into account the rating.
WMSIWT. A similar service responds to the request. Going to the resource, you can immediately watch the movie trailer. The entire service is supervised, coordinated by experienced editors. That is why all films are hand-selected.

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