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The viewer is transported to the distant future, when humanity has already mastered even the distant space frontiers. A cargo spacecraft is heading for Earth to deliver a large ore processing facility. All crew members are in cryosleep, but suddenly the system gives a command to wake up — an unknown radio signal was detected in the form of a request for help from an unknown and supposedly lifeless planet.

The Alien project was filmed from July to October 1978. The main filming took place at a studio in London and was characterized by a very busy schedule due to the limited budget and the rush of the film company. The production of the tape cost eleven million dollars.

The actors were filmed in bulky and uncomfortable suits, in which it was hot and lacked air — there were cases of loss of consciousness during the filming, so the medical staff was on duty on the set. Director Ridley Scott chose not to show the creature in its entirety for most of the film in order to heighten the sense of suspense and fear.

The film was a great commercial success — the profit from the rental at nonton movie 21 online, according to various sources, amounted to about two hundred and four million dollars. Critic Roger Ebert has called Alien one of the most frightening old-fashioned space operas out there. The Oscar for the best visual effects became a worthy award for the filmmakers.

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